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Mule Lake Property Owners Association



The Mule Lake Fishing Committee works closely with the Walker Area Fisheries and is actively engaged with the Walker Area Walleye Coalition.  WAWC has been actively successfully addressing the stocking situation in the lakes in the Walker area.  The DNR fisheries has actively been stocking walleyes and surveying Mule Lake since the 1950s.

As part of a revision of the Mule Lake fish management plan in 2006, Mule Lake was classified as a "contingency lake".  As a contingency lake, Mule Lake will be stocked with 250,000 walleye fry every other year beginning in 2007.  If the fall electro fishing results are less than 25 young of year walleyes per hour, the lake will be stocked with 364 pounds of fingerlings (2 pounds per littoral acre). 

Effective 2010, Mule Lake is no longer considered a contingency lake since fry stocking in 2007 and 2009 was not successful given a very low survival rate for the stocked fry.  Therefore the DNR has modified the stocking plan for Mule Lake to 1) discontinue any fry stocking, 2) increase the size of fingerlings and 3) increase the amount of fingerlings stocked in Mule Lake.  The fingerling stocking began in the fall of 2010 with subsequent stocking even numbered years. The 2010 stocking included 482 pounds of fingerlings and yearlings totalling 4140 walleyes stocked.

Also, effective 2010, the following regulation for Mule Lake was enacted by the DNR.

Mule Lake (Cass County) largemouth and smallmouth bass: All 12" and larger must be immediately released. Walleye: Possession limit three.

Mule Lake has a wide variety of all game fish with an abundance of northern pike and small/largemouth bass.   See net survey for details of all game fish.

The following are the current members of the Mule Lake Fishing Committee:

Tom Buss
Dick Dahlager
Phil Dukes
Matt Krueger
Rick Ohnesorge
Gary Smith
Allan Zahn

The following links are to the general DNR site, the latest DNR Fish Management Plan, and the latest DNR netting survey for Mule Lake:

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2008 DNR net survey


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