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Mule Lake Property Owners Association



Water quality is a key priority for MLPOA and all lake residents.  MLPOA has been actively engaged with Cass County plus lake monitoring associations such as RMB Labs to regularly measure the water quality of Mule Lake.  Since 1991 with secchi disc readings plus the addition of testing for phosphorus and chlorophyll in 2007, data indicates that Mule Lake has gradually improved the water quality chemical measurements to move from the mesotrophic status (temporary algae and aquatic plant problems) to oligotrophic status (clean, healthy lake). 

The link below will provide more detail of the current status of water quality in Mule Lake:

Mule Lake Water Quality

The following link provides additional data from 2007 forward, collected by the RMB Environmental Laboritories, Inc., on Mule Lake as well as other Minnesota lakes.

RMB Environmental Labs

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